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What's about the game?

In Tribal Raft: A Far Ride, you control…Krøhm!

This rustic caveman did not forget his style and tends a little too much to abuse of the spirits of the river. He loves to pick them up on the longest Tribal River in his region.
None really knows what he is doing with them. Some of the explorers that spotted him, during his ferocious rides, think that he uses them as a gel to put on his hair (Bob Marley would have discovered his style in an engraved drawing in a cave and would have been inspired by it) but others think that he cooks himself a small soup with them time to time. The most far-fetched theory would be that he used the spirits of the river to make a slimming cream for the face.

The only thing we are sure about: he needs your help to sail his trunk tree!

Press left, it will sail to the left, press right, it will sail right! Pay attention to rocks, trees and other obstacles. The spirits of the river will not always let Krøhm grabs them, guards will accompany them sometimes and will not hesitate to make you in great danger positions!

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